Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the case again...

Amidst all of the Christmas shopping, school end-of-year events and parties, uni preparation for dd#1 and holiday planning, I have managed another guest detective challenge over at CSI: Colour, Stories, Inspiration... just in the nick of time!  lol

Initially, not a colour combination I would normally gravitate towards - although I do love orange - I was pleasantly surprised by the way the colours came together on the page.  This case file is also accompanied by a fabulous sketch by the equally fabulous Em Stafrace.


Here are the case details and sketch:

And some closeups:

I loved Em's sketch and as I love circles, I totally went with it - and then some... albeit a rather compressed and skewed version!  :)

My case work...

Colours:  All there!

Evidence: Circles - photos, chipboard rings on either side of the photos (inspired by the golden rings), button, gears and cogs, flowers, doiley, punched paper circles ... yep, circles are covered.  Leaves and branches in the Prima vine that I completely butchered to fit around my photos.  Feathers/birds in the rubon that I applied to transparency and cut around so I could mount it up on a branch. Gold accents are achieved with the gold acrylic paint that I swiped over the leaves, metal number and cog.  Finally, dots in the form of paint splashes and specs.

Testimony: I actually drew on the evidence and photo prompt for my testimony, using the 'flying the nest' analogy for my daughter leaving home for the first time and moving away for university.  My journaling is surrounded by leaves though I guess.  :)

As always, the inspo over at CSI is amazing, so please do yourself a favour and check it out.

Happy Christmas shopping everyone!  I'm really close to calling it done, now for the wrapping and making everything pretty...  :)



Leanne said...

LOVE it!!

Janice Nicholls said...

WOW!! An absolutely incredible piece of lucky are we that you share your talent with us. Just Gorgeous Jules.

Karen Conner said...

Love the emphasis in one area. I'm still working on doing that. I tend to spread mine around too much!
Cute faces!!