Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bit of a Share!

Big squeal!!

My Miss Art's Papercrafting School class is really close now!  :))  I'm very excited and I'd like to share a little sneak peek with you...

I'd love for you to join me in May for 'Patterned Precedence', where I will show you some ideas on using patterned paper to inspire your designs and creativity.  How many times do we sit down to create a page and find ourselves scouring the net, leafing through magazines, referring to our notebooks or browsing through sketch sites for inspiration .... when all that is oftentimes required, is to study our patterned paper in closer detail.

Amongst the plethora of papers now available for our crafting obsession, we find companies are spending more and more time on the design and artwork that goes into creating these new release masterpieces.  With so much of the hard work already done for us, it makes sense then, to try to glean ideas and inspiration from these precious parchments and create layouts that compliment these very clever designs.

I so hope to see you there.  :))

Onto more fabulous Miss Art's News.....

The headmistress at Miss Art's would like to invite you to our biggest free class event yet! Beginning on Friday, March 23rd, you will have 3 days to check out three of our most popular classes for free, no subscription needed.

Three of our 201 class have nearly completed their 12 months of availability, and each of these amazing classes deserves a farewell party! The Secret Garden with Stacy Cohen, B. You! with Heidi Kelley, and All About Me with Bethany Kartchner have all been around for nearly a year, and will soon be removed from our class schedule to make room for some amazing new classes. That means that this weekend is your chance to check them out one last time, for FREE! If you've been thinking about joining our student body, consider this your campus tour, led by three amazing teachers. When you visit us on Friday, head to the "Classes" page to view this weekend's free classes. We'll see you there!

Be back with another exciting announcement real soon!!! :)




Leanne said...

Fantastic!! Loved your last class and I certainly won't be missing this one...x

Jasmine S said...

Your sneaks look super cool. And I cannot wait to hear your news...what do you have up your sleeve this time Miss J?

Shannon91 said...

so cute !!!

Melinda said...

Oh gosh...lots of good things happening for you and you so deserve it!! Loved your other class so won't miss this one cause that sneak looks so yummy! :)x