Monday, September 12, 2011

New Leaf...

OK.... so spring has sprung and it represents a new leaf for me.

A few weeks ago, I signed up for this:

... and today is Day One!!

A full three months of winter have been terrible to us.  We have been hit with one flu bug after another, coughed, sniffed and groaned our way through the season, unable (or unwilling) to get out and get active..... and it shows!!!  I've hated every minute of it.  Enough.  That 'winter coat' just has to go!!  :)

My first (of many) early morning workouts are done and I feel FANTASTIC!  I coughed a lot, almost vomited, muscles burned and whinged.... but when all is said and done, I was quite surprised by how much residual fitness is still there.  They say muscle has memory.  All I can say, is that I hope mine isn't suffering from long term memory loss!  lol

I'm determined to give it everything and not get distracted.  I'm motivated.  I'm excited.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!



Ebony van der Starre said...

wTG Jules!!!!!

Kim said...

I hear ya sister...after much prompting from DD (17) we went and purchased some new scales this sunny morning....omg so stunned when i popped on them...lets just say i knew i'd put on a bit, but NOT THAT MUCH...sob!
Gym here I more pav!!!
(don't tell MJ and Annette might have a revolt on my hands...hehehe!!

Dolly B said...

You bet you will have a revolt Kim, you CANT deny us your Pav!
and Jules My DD is doing the same programme and said she will see you at the party at the end! I have to question her timing though as she leaves to go to Bali on Saturday. Bali makes me think of cocktails by the pool and massive buffets!
Mary x

Chantal Vandenberg said...

WTG!!! Looks great! BTW - your 1st ever digi is amazing!!! :)

janice said...

Hmmm I should be doing this, have gained a few to many pounds over winter. Good Luck Jules, not that you will need it. I'm sure you will do well. :)) x

Melinda said...

Good on you Jules!! I am sure you will do very well at it!! I know you will be an inspiration to me...xx

Mardi said...

Good on you Jules....and I love your comment that muscle has memory....Im praying mine dont have dementia.
My first session almost killed me for the first 30 mins...but I felt awesome afterwards....and cant wait for step tonight.
Mardi x

Anthea said...

good on you Julie!!! Its hard going, on a bit of a journey myself and although its been a rough year Im back on track. keep us posted wont you

Jasmine S said...

Well done Jules.
I actually met with a girlfriend today and after saying it for months, I am going to join her at the gym (and it is one of those gyms for Mum's like us who just want to get healthier and fitter). So Monday I am off.
And just stopping in to say thanks for your congrats. Means a lot and I have no idea if you entered but if you did, I hope I see your name in lights. I have you

Eila Sandberg said...

WTG all of you ladies! and Jules, that winter coat you're referring to simply has to be a sheer mac! xxxx