Monday, June 20, 2011

Feels Like Forever...

since my last post.. and it probably is!!  I've just been busy with other things and the puter has been beckoning me every time i walk past!  lol  But I'm back from my little sabbatical with a vengeance...  :))

The massive project that i have been working on is complete and i can't wait to share that little adventure when i can.  Can't wait to get some 'just-for-me' scrapping done now..... and just quietly, i think my family is looking forward to getting a little more attention from mum!    I just realised a really cool statistic for my blog too.  133 posts and 133 followers!!  WOW!  I'm so thrilled to have so many like minded lovlies interested enough to share creative journeys with me.

We had another birthday this month too.  Claire Bear turned 12 last week and had a sleepover party on Saturday night.  Freezing temperatures and she wanted to sleep out in the back yard in the tent and have ice-cream birthday cake!!  Ever the obliging mum (cough, cough).... i made sure they had more than enough sleeping bags + blankets + doonas ... and made this little fella:

the ice-cream echidna

So Saturday night saw me hosting 11 children (only 4 of them were mine... of course Maddi had to invite a friend over for support), 1 husband, a shivering dog freaking out at fireworks, and this flu of mine that just won't quit!!  Now at least i can rest in the knowledge that my kitchen can fit all of them in at once... minus the shivering dog.... for a pizza making extravaganza!
A fabulous (and warm) night was had by all... :))

I guess it really is time i shared something then huh?

OK.... the Stuck?! Sketch for mid month is out and here it is:

and here is my somewhat stylised version  :))


 ... the last wedding photo too, i promise!   (i think...)  ;)

Alright, because it's been soooo long since i did one.... i feel compelled to leave you with a sneak too.  HA!  :))

Great to be back and I hope to see what you've all been up to soon.  Thanks for popping in.  :))



Anonymous said...

Sweet layout Jules! Love that chipboard frame...and that little birdie in the sneakie...gorgeous! Love the sketch, will try and get this one done. Hasn't been much creative stuff happening over here too. Everyday I think "i might do this today..." but then life takes over and there's no time left! But TODAY I have creative plans....should probably get off this puter then,hey:) xx

Chantelle said...

Totally beautiful 'jules style' - LOVE it - it's so pretty. Hope you feel better soon. x

Leanne said...

Hello stranger!! LOL! Hope you are starting to feel much better soon. Brave you! Hosting that many little "friends" for a sleep over! Love the cake.

Don't stop scrapping the wedding photos! You could have a brand new album to share with family and friends! hahaha....x

Leanne J said...

what freaking awesome cake miss Jules.. love it..and woohoo on all your work.. i love your wedding works.. YAY..... and eek..i'm not looking forward to huge sleepovers.. eek..eek...

anyho.. have a fantastically wonderful day.. lots of love an sugar..lj

:) Tiff said...

I've been admiring your work via a mutual friend. Janice, whose photo you scrapped for her at Scrapboxx.

may I say your work is just breathtaking and your detail and layering I envy.

thank you for the eye candy.


Cathy said...

Gorgeous LO Jules.. so soft and dreamy and your chippie frame looks beautiful!! OOHHH LOVE the look of that sneak.. can't wait to see the rest of the LO! Your cake is so cute.. such a clever mum!! Have a fab week :))) hugs

Jasmine S said...

The cake looks awesome Jules. You clever chicky.
And your Stuck LO is super romantic. Gorgeous texture and color.
And what have you been up to??? Can't wait to hear.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

What a pretty page, you are amazing!

Melinda said...

Been missing you Jules and hope you get better real soon! Happy birthday to what an awesome cake! And that layout is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Keep scrapping the wedding photos..they are gorgeous and that sneak looks devine! Take care HUGS :))xx

BabyBokChoy said...

That icecream cake, my goodness, wowser!!! I am drooling over that more than your glorious art if you can believe that!!! yummmmm.... lol

Felicity said...

its great to see you again :)) we miss you!
now that cake - I have a little man who's birthday is next month, would like to come and do his cake, because that cake is GORGEOUS :))
That page too, super amazing too, love how you are doing the wedding photos - keep them coming.
that sneak - hmm.. teaser, haha
Have a great day :)) x

Paula said...

This is so gorgeous, very soft & feminine! Love that chipboard frame with the cardboard...& all the flowers.

Anonymous said...

geeee wizz you are super clever chick, you have this naturalstyle for white space .. so clever :)

Eila Sandberg said...

Me thinks Helen Tilbury and you could share some reflections on slumber parties at this time of the year, she's just hosted Cami's. Your kitchen looks mighty good for having 11 peeps baking pizza! Sorry to hear you've been poorly/haven't recovered to your old self. Must be all that rain you're having. ;)) love the cake, clever mummy! what flavour? Totally intrigued about your secret, cannot wait to see what it is! but I'm sure we'll just go bananas seeing whatever gorgeousness it is!! sneak looking amazing too! xoxox

alexandra s.m. said...

Gorgeous work as always Jules!!
Greetings from Chicago~