Saturday, May 28, 2011

Creativity.... my long lost friend!

...or so it seems!!  : (

Poor friend has really taken a back seat of late.  This is why:

1200 kilometres
3 days
7 games of soccer...
Just me, Claire and the boys went on this trip.  She didn't make the final cut into the Capricornia team, but she was the only one from her team to make it into the 'possibles and probables' cut... and she just played her heart out!

A birthday in the park.
4 of his best friends.
A football.
Ice-cream cake.
Happy birthday Coop!!

With lots of bubbles for the littlies...

... and unfortunately, lots of this!
Lachy was running such high temps last night that i slept with him on the lounge.
The last time his temps were this high he suffered a febrile convulsion.
Very scary.

One day off now, then a 500km round trip for the girls cross country Capricornia team selection!
{{sigh}} ... life certainly isn't boring for us right now!

I did find time for a quick 'fix' in the midst of it all tho....  hehe
but more on this one later  :)

... now i just need to find time for a blog browse fix!  I've really missed catching up on all the action  :))

Thanks for popping in and i hope all is well in your respective camps.

Cheers for now,



Kat said...

wow! you've been busy lately!!!

hope the little one feels better soon...

...and im loving that sneak...i cant wait to see the whole thing :)

Karen Shady said...

OMGoodness, you have been busy Jules. I hope things settle down and you mojo returns soon... Love the look of the sneek

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow, life is sending you across country, Nate plays in under 4s, this is his 2nd year and he revels in it, so the road trip you have taken will probably be on my post in a few years time, congrats to your girl, girl's soccer is on fire at the moment, go the girls, and I pray and hope she gets in the final cut, but I only have one boy, so the sickness that hits the others is not in my routine, wow, how do you find the time to scrap, you are just motivated and blogger I know is not helping. You are my idol, keep going, your mothering skills I am in awe of too. Love Melxx

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Wow!!!You relly have been busy!!!I love the photos... and the sneak too!!!!!!I think yhis project will gonna be such a wonderful project!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Christine said...

Wow - that's lots of sport! A huge congratulations to Claire, you must be so proud of her for making the squad though.
Poor Lachy, that would have been so scary. I hope he's recovered now

Mardi said...

Sounds like life has been busy ...and well done to Claire for getting so far with her soccer.
Hopefully you will get a chance to let off some creative steam soon
Mardi xx