Monday, April 4, 2011

My Space

Yep, 'MY' space is finally starting to take shape....

When my Ikea order arrived (1000 odd kilometre trip) minus the biggest and most important item, i tried really really hard not to swear!  Really.  Because the main expedit unit was on the second page of the order that was faxed through to the transport company, it must have somehow got lost in transit!! *sigh* ... anyway, it's all here now and i spent the most part of the weekend assembling, sorting, 'circular filing' and re-organising.  It took far longer than i anticipated (lots of 'ooh - forgot i had that'... hehee), but it's nearly all done.  Just a couple of Kaisercraft paper storage cubes that i need to finish painting and reassembling to get my paper stash under control.  Because of the atrocious weather we have had over the last couple of weeks, nothing will dry properly and all the timber is swollen with moisture.

My area is already looking a thousant percent better though, so i am trying to be patient.... more successfully than trying not to swear!  lol

Here's a peak at what's emerging:

I can't tell you how nice it is for everything to finally have it's place.  This has been such a long time coming.  Will be back with the full picture when this weather improves and i can finish it all off!!

Thanks so much for stopping by ... and i hope to be able to share some more creations soon.



Melinda said...

oooh I am loving it Jules!! I hear ya on the weather front...glad for some sun today tho! Can't wait to see it all when you have finished! xx

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Oh how frustrating...Glad to hear its all ok now..
and its looking good too! Make sure to show us when its all up!

Lisa K said...

looking good

Dolly B said...

Wow looks very nice, looking forward to seeing pics when it is complete

Mary x

Dolly B said...
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Linda said...

Your space is looking great! Must be a good feeling to finally have that scrapping room just for you :)

Can't wait to have mine... another few months (at least)!!

eila.sandberg said...

Cannot wait to see more details! you know I've got the world's first and largest IKEA 10 minutes away from home but I'm so totally confused about all the units available. He he swearing goes with the IKEA territory, welcome to the club Jules! ;)))