Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter Break

Having a week away at mum and dad's with no plans or running around was just what we needed. A chance for the kids to just spend time with nanny and poppy without an itinerary. I don't think we have ever had a trip to Brisbane without plans and 'catching up with people'.... it was really lovely ... notwithstanding Lachlan getting stuck into some prednizone tablets that I had in my handbag for my chest infection. Luckily no harm done, but a really big scare nonetheless

Obviously easter sunday morning was a big highlight, and it was a thrill to see Lachlan participate in his first 'I am allowed to eat chocolate' easter! I think the other three were just as amused by his excitement as we were.

Here's the evidence...


The preparation while they sleep

The frantic searching

The sharing?

The amazing combined haul

The best part ... the eating!

Hope you all had a fabulous easter with family : )

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